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Changelog 09/23/2016 (ENG)

Тема в разделе "Server Announcements, Changelogs and Updates", создана пользователем [GM] ROffline, 25 сен 2016.

  1. [GM] ROffline

    [GM] ROffline Administrator
    Команда форума

    4 авг 2016
    • Added Russian and English patch, fixed description of items:
      • fixed all the items that give a bonus МАТК: % is displayed instead of the value Renewal;
      • fixed most items that showed incorrect value of Defence
      • Fixed description of some items iRO ( pre-renewal, not Classic );
      • Added description of some of missing items;
    • Changed reward in Battleground 2.0 and price is change for Badge NPC Telma & Erundek;
    • Added Slotted Sunglasses[1] quest:
      • Standard quest, amount of zeny was increased: to complete this quest you need 500.000 Zeny & 1.000.000 Zeny;
    • On release day, until next day, all players who complete Novice Academy Quest will receive Renovatio Gift Hat, which in addition to the old bonus also gives you the ability to temporarily Overcharge Lv. 10 & Discount Lv. 10 ( these skills will disappear on the next 24 hours after realease ), and that will give bonuses to the remaining 35 levels, after reaching level limit, it will be automatic removed, can be sold in any shop for 0 Zeny;
    • Added new event (in test mode) - Item Manager:
      • At certain times in the game will appear NPC - Item Manager, who will ask to bring random loot/items. Player who will compete this quest faster than anyone, will receive a prize of 4 different gift boxes.
    • Fixed Instance - Horror Toy Factory:
      • Mobs/Monsters and Guardians no longer give experience and loot;
      • Added limit to re-join this Instance - 4 days ( 96 Hours );
      • as a reward there is 50 different items that players can get random way - items will drop only to the ground!